Fan Tan Casino – The most attractive online reward game in 2024

Fan Tan Casino

Fan Tan Casino is a quite interesting game, appearing in online casinos and attracting many interested players. However, not everyone has the experience to win when participating in this game. Therefore, in this article, we will help you understand the game Fantan as well as how to participate in this game.

An overview of Fan Tan Casino

Before learning in detail how to play Fan Tan Casino, let’s learn a few things about this game.

Introducing Fan Tan Casino
Introducing Fan Tan Casino

What is Fantan?

Fantan is a very special betting game, players will not see dice, cards, or balls like regular casino games. At Fan Tan, you will see a stick and many small seeds. The dealer will turn the cards face down and count the seeds until the final result is reached.

Players have many betting options, which is a combination of numbers on the table, with the number of numbers remaining after dividing by 4. This game will end when there is only one number left on the table. .

With the novelty and appeal that Fan Tan Casino brings, most bookmakers now offer this game and attract a large number of players to participate. This is a game of chance, requiring cleverness in betting and budget management.

Tools used to play Fan Tan

Fan Tan game will be performed with the following tools:

  • Many small seeds.
  • 1 bowl to stir-fry seeds.
  • 3 small bowls to cover the seeds.
  • Stick to count seeds.
  • The game table will display betting windows for players to place bets.

Betting options in the game Fan Tan Casino

When participating in this game, you can bet on one of the following bets:

  • Single number bet: this is a bet on specific numbers from 1 to 4
  • Even or odd bet: Players will bet on whether the result is even or odd.
  • Double number bet: Bet on 2 identical numbers, for example 11, 22…
  • Small Big Bet: You will bet on a set of numbers that is larger or smaller than a specific number given by the house.
  • Bet on color: You will bet on whether the final number is small or large.

There are also many ways to play Fan Tan Casino based on different combinations.

Learn the rules of Fan Tan Casino

Before the game starts, the system will display different betting limits for players to choose from. Next, the dealer will stir-fry a number of chess pieces, instead of seeds, in a large glass bowl, then use a small, closed bowl to take out part of the seeds.

Game rules of Fan Tan Casino
Game rules of Fan Tan Casino

And at this time, the player will make predictions and bets on possible outcome situations, then click on confirm bet before the betting time ends.

Next, the dealer will count the chess pieces, dividing them into groups of 4 into a row. After dividing and the last remaining pieces, this is the result of the game. If the result matches your bet, you will win.

Experience playing Fan Tan Casino is sure to win

Basically, Fantan is a game that relies mainly on luck, however, it also requires players to have strategy and experience to get the best results. And below are some experiences that you can refer to before participating in this game.

Maintain your mentality

The most important thing when playing Fan Tan to achieve the highest efficiency is to keep your psychology stable. If you participate in the game in a bad mood, it is easy to make wrong, unwise decisions, leading to unnecessary loss of money.

Understand the rules of the game

Before placing a bet, make sure you understand the rules of Fan Tan. Read carefully the game rules of each house to have an overview and build the best playing strategy for yourself.

Budget management

Budget management and reasonable calculations will help you minimize the risk of losing money and increase your chances of making profits. Set a betting limit for yourself before you start and stick to it strictly, this will help you avoid overplaying in any situation.

Only play at reputable online casinos

The most important thing when playing Fan Tan Casino is to choose a reputable house. Make sure to choose online casinos with legal and reputable operating licenses. Find out carefully about the casino before participating to ensure safety, security and maturity.

An important experience when playing Fan Tan is to choose a reputable Casino
An important experience when playing Fan Tan is to choose a reputable Casino

Looking for good tables

Look for tables with high payout rates to increase your chances of winning big and making more profits. This is also a key experience for any gamer when participating in Fan Tan Casino.


Through the information above, we can see Fan Tan Casino is a type of betting game that is attractive and new to Rbetph member. However, with its attractiveness and high payout rate, this game always attracts a large number of players to participate. Find yourself a reputable, quality game portal like Rbetph to participate in this exciting game.

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